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Our physiotherapist have the tools to help you get back to where you need to be, whether is be getting back in the garden or on the footy field.

Strength and Conditioning

We have very knowledgeable strength and conditioning coaches that are able to get you back to your full potential.

Clinical Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates is a fantastic way to keep the body in shape and for injury prevention.

Osteoarthritis GLAD Classes

At Peak Motion Physiotherapy we are excited to offer the world-renowned 6 week GLAD program.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Peak Motion Physiotherapy is also able to provide National Accredited Drug and Alcohol testing for workplace or individual purposes.


We understand that during this period you may not feel confident to leave your home to seek physiotherapy assistance.

Our Mornington Physio staff are here to get you moving

Peak Motion Physiotherapy is situated at 1 Main Street, Mornington. We offer a wide range of different services including: Physiotherapy, Clinical Reformer Pilates, Massage, Strength and Conditioning, and Post-surgical rehabilitation.

If you live in or near Mornington, we believe that you deserve the absolute best in local physiotherapy. At our Mornington physio clinic, our expert team are here to empower you as you find better ways of moving. From restoring your body after injury, to helping you recover from the aches and pains of everyday life, we can help you recapture the power of movement.

Our main priority is to help you live a pain-free life. We do this by assessing your body and finding out what exactly needs care, from muscle groups, to bones and joints. Every single body we treat is unique – we factor this into all of our treatments. We’re here to give you a thorough, holistic, and personalised treatment plan that will empower you to reach your individual goals. There’s no one-size-fits-all to physio treatments, and as your go-to physio in Mornington, you’ll get nothing but the absolute best in service. The road to recovery starts here – book a session today!

Owner & Physiotherapist

Yannick Chani

Yannick was previously a Personal Trainer for 10 years and is able to use his expertise in exercise and physiotherapy to achieve the goals of his patients in a more holistic approach.

What Clients Have Said

Kathleen TilnakClient Google Review
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"Yannick has been wonderful! I have had hip issues for years and have had previous physiotherapists tell me I will always have issues. Yannick has explained the source of my pain and why the exercises he has given me are useful in strengthening my muscles so I actually understand the point of my rehabilitation exercises and so that I will no longer have pain. Yannick has also explained in detail how to have the correct form for various exercises I frequently do at the gym which has prevented further pain when doing these exercises. I know I'm in good hands with Yannick and highly recommend!"
Nikki RudermanClient Google Review
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"11/10. I mentioned to Yannick that I thought I had pinched a nerve and the way worked on my back was unbelievable. He identified pain points that I couldn’t even work out how to communicate or explain myself because he knows his stuff. You can tell Yannick wants you to be able to use your body to it best ability and cares - it’s not cold and clinical. As an avid weight lifter it’s probably strange I’ve only been to a physio once before visiting Peak Motion, probably because from my previous experience I assumed having someone else understand my muscle pain was guesswork. My whole understanding of physiotherapy changed after our session! It’s so powerful and I’m very grateful."
Dan ReganClient Google Review
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"Yannick is brilliant and he has re instilled my faith in Physiotherapists. I was reluctant to engage any Physio regarding recent knee (meniscus) surgery but on advice, he came recommended. BEST decision I ever made. With a designed program I was off crutches and walking with 90% R.O.M within 8 days. The difference I found with Yannick is that he actually cares about getting you to where you need to be. His knowledge is broad and seems to take pride in educating his clients without the unnecessary jargon. A huge factor for me is that he didn't send me home with a stick figure program for me to complete therapy home, he went through every exercise and provided follow up instructional videos to access when required after hours. The access to the gymnasium facilities above his business will be a huge plus. I'm now back at work probably 2 weeks earlier than originally planned and minimal pain. Thanks Yannick. Hope people read this review with confidence and utilize your services."
Alex RoslaniecClient Google Review
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"Hands down best physio I've ever been to. I had lower back pain for years and years, saw many specialists and never seemed to find a solution I was convinced would stay for life. After analysing my body type and how I exercise, Yannick very quickly found the core problem and developed a comprehensive plan to start the recovery. After implementing his program for 2 months, I was shocked to see I was completely pain free of something I had for over 5 years. I couldn't recommend him more, trust me I've seen quite a few physios before and Yannick by far was incredibly knowledgeable and confident in his results."

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Our Mornington physio clinic is dedicated to serving the local community. We are here to help all patients find new ways of overcoming pain and injury, while improving their quality of life. Most importantly, we deliver all of our treatments with the highest regard for customer service. Secure your booking today.

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