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At Peak Motion Physiotherapy, we believe that the Mouth Martha community should be able to benefit from the best possible physio treatment. We want to give you control over your body by taking you through the tools and techniques that you need to get back on top. When you work with us, you’ll be empowered to find a life with less pain and discomfort.

We treat everyone as an individual, giving you individualised treatment plans to carry you through every stage of the recovery process. At the end of the day, our goal is to give you a complete and comprehensive rehabilitation ensuring freedom from your injury.

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Our physio services near Mouth Martha


Our physiotherapists near Mouth Martha are highly trained to help with a range of conditions, from a bad back sustained moving furniture (we’ve all been there), to injuries that may last longer due to motor vehicle accidents.

Strength and Conditioning

If you’re looking to improve your muscular strength and conditioning, our team can help you work towards your greatest potential with a range of clinically proven techniques.

Clinical Reformer Pilates

Clinical reformer pilates is an excellent way for people of all fitness levels to keep themselves in shape, while preventing injury as time goes on.

Osteoarthritis GLAD Classes

GLAD is a specialised form of osteoarthritis treatment that originated in Denmark to help rehabilitate patients suffering from hip and knee osteoarthritis through a range of exercises. GLAD is a great way of taking back control of your life from OA and increasing your self confidence again.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

As well as offering physio near Mouth Martha, Peak Motion also offers a nationally accredited drug and alcohol testing service for both workplaces and individuals.


If you need a physiotherapist near Mouth Martha but can’t leave home, we also offer telehealth for most of our services, ensuring that you can get treatment in the comfort of home.

Effective Physiotherapy Treatment

Peak Motion is a physiotherapy clinic, dedicated to serve the Mouth Martha community and here to help your body get back to peak performance. If you’re looking for quality service with comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation make a booking today. You can book with one of our qualified physiotherapists in Mouth Martha on our web page or call (03) 9553 1606. We are located at 1 Main Street, Mornington VIC 3931 , just moments from the heart of Mouth Martha.

Our physio clinic near Mouth Martha is well regarded in the industry because of our personal approach to your condition. With access to full gym facilities we are able to follow your journey from your initial consultation, to follow up care and even after your treatment is complete, we will be with you every step of the way. Our team operates with cutting edge physio techniques, giving you the best chance at recovery helping those in the Mouth Martha community stay healthier for longer.

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